Ondeen Blathnaid (AI)

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Niamh (pronounced Neev). An Irish girls name meaning lustre or bright "Niamh of the Golden Hair". Our sweet fawn & white, and only female, from the Marcus X Rowy litter.

Sired by the the very handsome INT Ch, Am GR Ch, Fin, Est, Nor, It Ch. WW 2011 Aberdeen Remarkable in Paris (FIN - IMP USA) Best Opposite Sex Westminster Kennel Club 2011 and 2012. We were hoping for something very special with the cross to Rowy (Ronndal Killing Me Softly (IMP NZ)) and we are very happy with the results.

Niamh @ 9 mths of age




GCh, DC, LCM, TRP, DPC, ROM Surrey Hills Golden Boy

Am Ch Chelsea Chalcedony

Am Ch Oxford's It Matters To Me

SBIS Am Ch, JC Chelsea Melt Everyone

Am Ch, ROMX, TRP, DPC, CR, OTRM, JC, RATI Diablesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha

DC, LCMII Paris Say You Will

Can Ch, FCh, ARX, CR, OTR & DPCX Surrey Hill's Smithereens

Am Ch, JC Aberdeen's Marking Time

Am Ch, SC Sporting Fields Tori at Fermanagh

Am Ch, ROMX Locar's Martini On The Rocks

Sporting Fields Whittney

Aberdeen On Mark N Sport Fld

Am Ch Paris Ferguson of Tiber

Am Ch Paris Mark My Words

BIS BISS NZ CH Ronndal Words To Music

MBIS MBISS NZ GR CH Ronndal Never Say Never

Aus & NZ CH Devine Tooseksy Forya

NZ CH Ronndal Desert Pea