Ondeen Enchantress

Our Lovely Dizzy Daughter. With Dizzy now retired from maternal duties we are fortunate to have June to carry on with. A classical styled girl, we look forward to getting her into the show ring in due course.

Cardiac clear by echo (with colour doppler)


Dancing Monday of Double Star

Int CH UK CH. Nevedith Eefa Empra

Hr CH Boxing Helena's August Eve

Int CH Lux CH Vague à l'Âme du Chawia

Int CH Tendre Regard du Chawia

Int CH Fr CH Lu CH Boxing Helena's August Dawn

Au CH NZ CH Rosiel Royal Scandal

Au CH Byerley Hilfiger

Au CH Byerley Lodge House

Au CH Rosiel Royal Romance

CH Ondeen Imagine

Ch Khabaray Hugo Boss (IMP UK)

UK CH Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton

Hillsdown Aisling Khabaray

CH Byerley Demeter

CH Martinique Harvest Moon

Cliffburn Charlie Girl

Ondeen Undercover